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Welcome to BM Pallets Limited

Brian Martin - Owner of B M Pallet Services has been supplying reconditioned pallets to both the trade & industry for over 30 years. Brian has built up a growing reputation, a healthy rate of expansion & has gained valuable experience from a number of long standing satisfied customers.

BM Pallet Services is an ISO 9001 company & can offer a complete pallet design service to help customers obtain the perfect pallet for the job. We offer a first class service to all our customers who find they can count on us to deliver any amount of any size pallet at any time.

As well as offering the full range of wooden pallets, we are also able to offer a range of plastic pallets, from many manufacturers - offering our customers greater choice.

Brian Martin Pallets Ltd are an ISO 9001 accredited company for pallets supplies and all our repairs meets the high standards required for industrial use. BM Pallets are also certified for pallet recycling.

We also offer repair contacts with companies needing frequent pallets supplies. If you would like to discuss our pallet services please call on 01536 264460 or email us at